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At Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic, you'll find an extraordinary veterinary team dedicated to providing exceptional care for your beloved pets. With their unwavering commitment to animal health and well-being, this team of highly trained professionals goes above and beyond to ensure that every patient receives the best possible treatment. With their expertise, compassion, and genuine love for animals, Dr. Eric's veterinary team creates a warm and welcoming environment that makes both pets and their owners feel right at home. Trust your furry friends in the hands of this incredible team, and experience the difference they can make in the lives of your beloved pets.

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Eric Lai from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic

Dr. Eric Lai


Dr. Harmony Ng from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic

Dr. Harmony Ng


Dr. Nadia Rumjahn from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic

Dr. Nadia Rumjahn


Dr. Eric graduated from The University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia with a BVSc in 1999.  Before which he has had a varied working experience, he was a computer administrator and system network engineer,  He was a well known bartender in Melbourne’s famous Chapel Street.  He is also a professional photographer having curated an art gallery called Antfarm in Central.

During his veterinary study, he saw practice with Dr. Hugh Wirth, RSPCA Australian Chairman & Radio Presenter for over 20 years, Dr. Ray Furgerson, Orthopedic Surgeon & Greyhound and Victorian Police Dog Veterinarian and IDEXX Veterinary Laboratories.

After graduating from Melbourne University he has practice at the RSPCA in Victoria, Australia, then emigrated back to Hong Kong where he was originally born and worked almost 5 years for animal welfare at the SPCA in Wanchai.  He also worked a short stint at Hong Kong's Ocean Park, hired specifically for his experience with Fish husbandry and knowledge.  He opened his own clinic 20 years ago with clients spread from all districts in Hong Kong.  


Dr. Eric has cultivated a unique bond with Hong Kong's media through his approachable and informative style. Discover more about his outstanding contributions by clicking here.

Our Support Staff

Alicia (Senior Nurse) from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic


Senior Nurse &
Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Vivien (Senior Nurse) from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic


Senior Nurse &

Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Ying (Senior Nurse) from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic


Senior Nurse &

Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Ivan (Senior Nurse) from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic


Senior Nurse

Zenia (Nurse) from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic



Allan (General Manager) from Dr. Eric's Animal Clinic


General Manager

Alicia is one of our senior nurses who also holds a veterinary nursing qualification (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing) from Australia. Alicia has been working with us for more than 6 years, associating with our team built us an experienced professional vet team in our clinic. She has a special interest in emergency care and has nursed many animal back to health.

Specialty: Emergency Care, Pediatric Veterinary Medicine

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